Find your dream job in six steps!

Transport People helps you find your dream job in just six easy steps. The overview below illustrates our approach. 

Sign up

Sign up

You're up for a new challenge.

Let's meet

Let's meet

We are excited to learn more about you.



We will do our best to make the perfect match.



It is time that you will meet our client. 

Driving test

Driving test

You made a good first impression :)
(Driving test only if this is desired by the client).

Your first day!

Your first day!

Your career can begin!

Application procedure

1. Apply for vacancy/ sign up
Yes! You have decided that you’re up for a new challenge. Whether you want to start a completely new career path or continue to enlarge your current skills, you are at the right address. View our vacancies here or sign up.

2. Call – meet you via the phone
Great! We received your application and would like to meet you. Once you have applied with us, we will carefully check your CV. After the check, one of our consultants will contact you to have a short phone call to hear about what your preferences are and about your previous work experience.

3. Intake – video call/ phone call or come by the office
We are excited about meeting you via the previous phone call. Personal contact is very important to us. We believe it is essential to make a good match between all parties. Now we ask you some more questions and see if the vacancy is up to your expectations. Of course, besides the vacancy you applied for, we seek other potential jobs that suit you! We do our best to match you with a suitable employer. 

4. Introduce you to our client(s)
Awesome, you made a great impression on us, and introduced you to one of our clients! Once we believe we have made a good match between you and the client, we will contact you soon.

5. Options at client
Our client is also excited about you coming to work at the company. Now, there are several approaches the client can take. These staffing options are stated below.

  • Start immediately.
  • Meet the client.
  • Driving test only if this is desired by the client.

6. Your first day at Transport People
If the company is excited about you joining their team, you start to work. You made it! Your Transport People career can begin! Today is your first day with our client. We are so excited that we helped you to start your dream job.