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Working in the transport and logistics sector is a big responsibility. Without you, goods cannot get to where they need to go. You provision supermarkets, make sure construction materials are delivered to their destination on time or deliver fuel to petrol stations to help motorists continue on their way. In a way, you are a real-life superhero! That is why it is so important that you enjoy your job and can go to work every single day with a big smile on your face.

That is where we come in, because Transport People is the fastest way to find your dream job. Will you take this ride with us?

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Latest vacancies


40 uur
Logistieke functies
€ 2.030 - € 2.285

Bezorger Waalwijk

40 uur
B vacatures
€ 2.100 - € 2.700


40 uur
Logistieke functies
€ 2.200 - € 2.400

BE chauffeur autotransport

40 uur
B vacatures
€ 2.100 - € 2.800


40 uur
Logistieke functies
€ 2.200 - € 2.700

Chauffeur BE

48 uur
B vacatures
€ 2.430 - € 3.075

CE chauffeur pallets

40 uur
CE vacatures
€ 2.256 - € 2.855

International sea container driver

50 uur
CE vacatures
€ 3.555 - € 3.555

Personal ties

Are you curious to know how we will help you find your dream job? It's simple. At Transport People, our focus is solely on the transport and logistics sector. With our extensive experience, we know exactly what the transport sector needs. We have a small team of experienced experts and maintain personal ties to our clients and our candidates. This approach ensures we know about our clients’ specific wishes. It also affords us clear insight into your logistical talents and how best to utilise them. In the end, that makes all the difference!


If you are not ready for the future just yet, we can train you! 

Like you, we want you to find your dream job, so you will love going to work each and every day - even if you need additional training to get there.   After all, logistical employees had different needs and wishes ten years ago than they do today. At Transport People, we will help you get ready for your new job. We will provide training and education if your job and your ambitions require it. How do we do this? In close collaboration with our clients, we offer candidates various training opportunities.


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Training opportunities

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100% job guarantee for unfilled vacancies

This website contains an up-to-date overview of available vacancies. You can apply immediately to any of the available positions. We guarantee that you will be able to start working soon, in the Netherlands and abroad! We will go the extra mile for you.


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