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Are you considering to work for Transport People and do you have some questions? Or are you working for us at the moment and still have a question? Then first look at this overview with frequently asked questions and the associated answers. Maybe you will already get an answer to your question.

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How can I sign up with Transport People?

There are four ways to sign up with Transport People:

  1. Apply on a vacancy you like. 
  2. Fill out the open application form
  3. Send us a message via Facebook Messenger.
  4. Call us on +31 174 62 80 08. 
When do I get my salary?

You get your salary paid out every week, normally on Thursdays. You can find the payout calendar of 2023 here and of 2024 here

Is it possible to work in a system?

Yes! It is possible to work in a system, this is in consultation with Transport People and your employer. However, if you prefer not to work in a system, this is also totally okay. We would like to meet your preferences. 

Do I get paid on public holidays?

You accrue your worked hours, of the public holidays, upon your overtime hours. This build-up can be found on your pay check under 'rights'. We look at the day which the public holiday is on and the average amount of hours that you worked on this day, the last 13 weeks. This is the amount that you will get paid. But be aware! This compensation applies until maximum of 8 hours per day. Do you not work normally on the day which the public holiday is on? Then you will not receive any public holiday compensation. Your wage reservation remains until the next public holiday. 

When do I get my wage reserves paid when I stopped working?

You will receive the amount of your wage reserves six weeks after you stopped working with us. 

When do I build up pension?

The pension scheme starts if you are 21 years or older and if you work at least 8 weeks for Transport People.

What is the difference between normal hours and overtime hours?

You accrue holiday days and holiday pay over your normal hours. The amount of normal hours are the hours which are in your CAO of your employer. Do you work more than these set hours? This will count as overtime. You do not accrue holiday days or holiday pay over your overtime hours. 

For example: The CAO mentions that 40 hours per week are your normal hours. Do you work more than these 40 hours? Above the 40 hours per week, you will receive 130% overtime pay. You worked from Monday until Friday 43 hours. This indicates that 3 hours will be 130% overtime pay.

How do I take my holiday days?

After discussion and approval of your manager of the workplace you send a request to State in this mail which days you want to take off and how many holiday hours you want to take. Our payroll administration will then process your request. You can find your balance under 'rights' on your pay check. 

Where can I find my amount of worked hours?

All worked hours are stated on your pay check. Here you can find normal hours, overtime hours and irregular hours. 

Also, any compensations are stated on your pay check. Under 'rights' you can find all accrued reservations, such as holiday days, holiday pay, etcetera.


What should I do if the work stops at my employer?

If the work stops at your employer, then you should report this to your contact person of Transport People. He/she will do everything in order to find you a new job. 

Who can I contact for questions/concerns about 'Arbo' matters and/or safety in the workplace?

You can contact your manager in the workplace regarding any questions. This is of course also applicable for your contact person at Transport People. We would like to stay up-to-date of your experiences about 'Arbo' matters and safety in the workplace! 

I received an 'Arbo-document', should I adhere to this?

Yes, it is important that you follow the guidelines of the 'Arbo-document' at all times. The document is specifically focused on the work situation at your employer. Safety in the workplace is very important to us. 

When do I get a response from Transport People after my open application?

After your application, we will send you a conformation mail. We will take care of your application carefully. We will contact you for a phone call to get to know you better, when we find a suitable job for you. Then we will also tell you how we proceed. 

Which cao is applicable for me and where can I find it?

If you work for Transport People, the NBBU-cao is applicable for temporary workers. You can find this cao on the website of NBBU. 

Do you want an insight in the right cao continuously? Then download the free cao-app from NBBU in the App Store or the Google Play Store

Which trainings does Transport People provide?

We provide multiple training possibilities in transport and logistics. Get your C or CE driver's license with us. Would you rather take a logistic training? You can also get your forklift certificate with us! Contact your contact person with Transport People to discuss the possibilities. 

Can I follow a training as a temporary worker?

Transport People has a budget for training and the development of employees. Would you like to follow a training or develop yourself further via a course? Let us know! We would like to tell you about all possibilities. 

What should I do when I want to pay out my wage reservations, for example during my holiday?

When you go on holiday, you can report this to your contact person of Transport People. With any questions or requests regarding wage reservations you can contact us. 

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