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Managing board

Vera3 dec2022

Vera Sonneveld- van der Zeijden

Operational director

Maasdijk Koen

Koen van Zeijl

Commercial director

Team Jacqueline dec2022

Jacqueline Persoon

Director business developer

Directie Reinier

Reinier Persoon

General director

Directie Dennis

Dennis de Klein

Director of information provision / Facilities


Maasdijk Angelo

Angelo Groen

Team leader / Account manager

Maasdijk Brent

Brent Gardien

Team leader / Account manager international

Waalwijk Pieter2

Pieter Filius

Team leader / Account manager North-Brabant

2309 Team Tess

Tess van der Knaap

Account manager

Team Sylvain dec2022

Sylvain Delbar

Account manager


Max van Kal

Account manager

Werknemer foto

Rick Dame

Account manager

Team Matthijs

Matijs de Groot

Account manager

Team Isabel 2

Isabel Groenewegen

Account manager

Paulius2 dec2022

Paulius Juskevicius

Account manager Lithuania

Loreta 2

Loreta Namon

Account manager


Julita Goudkuil

Account manager

Andreas Team

Andreas Schwind

Account manager international

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Vertical transport - 12HOIST4U

At the start of 2023, we began an exciting partnership with 12HOIST4U, experts in supplying personnel for vertical transportation. Jacqueline and Wilco are working hard in this team to connect freelancers and flexible workers for projects, both nationally and internationally. We're aiming high and lifting projects to great heights!

Aalsmeer Wilco

Wilco de Boer

General manager

Aalsmeer Jacqueline

Jacqueline Eijkelhof

Account manager

Recruitment marketing

2309 Team Daphne

Daphne Sprenger

Team leader / Performance marketeer

2309 Team Nathalie

Nathalie Hendriks

Marketing specialist


Wesley Nijssen

Marketing specialist

Nikita2 Team

Nikita Sibma

Marketing specialist

Yentl Team4

Yentl Boers


Werknemer foto

Maurice Kop



Madelon 1

Madelon van Antwerpen- van Vugt

Education coach

Werknemer foto

Richelle van Ingen

Education coach



Diane Prins

HR advisor


Veronique van Santen

HR employee

Lauren 3

Lauren de Klein

HR employee

Werknemer foto

Merle van Os

HR trainee


Naaldwijk Renee

Renée van Vliet

Team leader / Communication specialist

2309 Team Britt

Britt Sneek

Communication specialist


Charlotte Veldhuizen

Communication specialist


Naaldwijk Manon

Manon Delbar- Schrijber

Team leader / Casemanager absenteeism

Team Ewelina 5

Ewelina Kozinska

Casemanager absenteeism


Team Naaldwijk Ashley3

Ashley Vijverberg

Team leader / Payroll employee

Naaldwijk Fayka

Fayka de Vries

Payroll employee

Team Antonina dec2022

Antonina Kalakucka

Payroll employee

Linda Haring

Linda Haring - Enthoven

Payroll employee

Naaldwijk Katarzyna

Katarzyna Karys

Team leader payroll Logistic Team

Naaldwijk Luminita

Luminita Flink

Payroll employee Logistic Team

Team Dominika3

Dominika Olszewska

Payroll employee Logistic Team

Financiële administratie

2309 Team Marielle

Mariëlle van Bommel

Financial administrative employee

Team Gea 4

Gea Graveland

Financial administrative employee

Information provision

Naaldwijk Sven

Sven Enthoven

Data analyst / Digitalization


Tineke van den Berg

Information provision employee

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