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This branch in the province of South Holland is where it all began six years ago. Transport People - a staffing agency dedicated to the transport and logistics sector - was founded on 1 April 2016. This branch is located along the aptly named Transportweg in Maasdijk. 

Over the years, team Maasdijk has grown into a club of 5 specialists, where Koen ‘commercial manager’ has been with us from day one.

Maasdijk Koen

Koen van Zeijl

Commercieel manager Zuid-Holland

Maasdijk Angelo

Angelo Groen

Commercieel intercedent

2309 Team Tess

Tess van der Knaap

Commercieel intercedent

Team Sylvain dec2022

Sylvain Delbar

Commercieel intercedent

Team Yvonne 3

Yvonne van Dijk

Medewerker binnendienst

Team Cas 4

Cas Baetings

Commercieel intercedent

Werknemer foto

Max van Kal

Commercieel intercedent

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Four years later, it was high time to help even more logistical professionals find work in South Holland. We could have done all that out of our office in Maasdijk, but we prefer to meet with our candidates and clients in person. We therefore opened a new branch in Tilburg in 2020 and relocated to the Industrieweg in Waalwijk in early 2022. Since then, this team has grown to include four experienced professionals, led by our expert Marc.  

Waalwijk Marc

Marc Everaard

Commercieel manager Noord-Brabant

Waalwijk Pieter2

Pieter Filius

Commercieel intercedent

Team Isabel 2

Isabel Groenewegen

Commercieel intercedent

Werknemer foto

Daphne van Beek

Commercieel intercedent

Werknemer foto

Paula Ćwięk

Commercieel intercedent

Werknemer foto

Matijs de Groot

Commercieel intercedent

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Transport People's ambitions continued to grow, so we celebrated another festive opening in 2021. In April of that year, we opened a new branch at the flower auction in Aalsmeer in order to be closer to businesses and job seekers in the province of North Holland. Wilco began realising perfect matches by himself and was soon joined by two other experts.

Aalsmeer Wilco

Wilco de Boer

Commercieel manager Noord-Holland

Aalsmeer Micheal

Michael van Emmerloot

Commercieel intercedent

Aalsmeer Jacqueline

Jacqueline Eijkelhof

Commercieel intercedent

Team Loek 3

Loek Snijders

Commercieel intercedent

Werknemer foto

Loreta Namon

Commercieel intercedent

Werknemer foto

Julita Goudkuil

Commercieel intercedent

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Naaldwijk (head office)

In light of Transport People's rapid growth, it was time to bring the various teams together and establish a head office. Out of our office in Naaldwijk, we work together to support our branches in Maasdijk, Waalwijk and Aalsmeer. Take a look at the teams and employees who work here:


Team fotos Gemma sep2022

Gemma Klunder

Accountmanager payroll

Naaldwijk Fayka

Fayka de Vries

Administratief medewerker

Naaldwijk Agnieszka

Agnieszka Nowicka

Administratief medewerker

Team Naaldwijk Ashley3

Ashley Vijverberg

Medewerker salarisadministratie

2309 Team Marielle

Mariëlle van Bommel

Financieel administratief medewerker

Team Gea 4

Gea Graveland

Financieel administratief medewerker

Werknemer foto

Tineke van den Berg

Financieel administratief medewerker

Werknemer foto

Jack Zwinkels

Stagiair financieel administratief

Team Antonina dec2022

Antonina Kalakucka

Medewerker salaris & financiële administratie

Naaldwijk Katarzyna

Katarzyna Karys

Teamleider salarisadministratie Logistic Team

Team Aleksandra 3

Aleksandra Majocha

Medewerker salarisadministratie Logistic Team

Naaldwijk Luminita

Luminita Flink

Medewerker salarisadministratie Logistic Team

Werknemer foto

Dominika Olszewska

Medewerker salarisadministratie Logistic Team

Marketing & communicatie

2309 Team Daphne

Daphne Sprenger

Performance marketeer

Naaldwijk Renee

Renée van Vliet


Naaldwijk Sven

Sven Enthoven

Online performance marketeer

2309 Team Britt

Britt Sneek

Junior communicatiespecialist

2309 Team Nathalie

Nathalie Hendriks

Marketing & communicatie medewerker

Team Nikita 1

Nikita Sibma

Stagiaire marketing internationaal


Directie Dennis

Dennis de Klein

Marketing Directeur

Directie Reinier

Reinier Persoon

Algemeen directeur

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