How much do you earn as a truck driver?

How much do you earn as a truck driver?

What are the current salaries of truck drivers? 

Salaries for truck drivers are determined in the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) for Freight Transport. This term means 'someone who transports goods for a living,' including truck transporters! In a CAO, you can find precisely the agreements in the sector regarding wages, allowances, working hours, overtime, holidays, and pensions. Thus, it's also established how high the salary of a truck driver should be and when it is paid.

As of January 1, 2024, the job salary scales within the CAO for Freight Transport have been modified with a positive outcome! The salary scales have now increased by 7.5%!


How do you ensure a higher salary as a truck driver?

Despite the truck driver's salary being determined by a CAO, it is possible to boost this monthly income through bonuses. If you work on weekends or during the night, you receive additional compensation. You also get extra money for trips that keep you away from home for several days, working abroad, or putting in additional overtime. In these cases, you may receive 130% or 150% of your standard salary!

These options can quickly contribute to a higher salary, but there are, of course, other factors that can increase your pay. You can make progress based on the years of experience you have as a truck driver and by obtaining additional certifications, allowing you to drive larger vehicles or transport special goods.


What are the salary scales in the Transport and Logistics sector?

In the Transport and Logistics sector, there are many different positions, offering multiple opportunities for career advancement. As a truck driver alone, you can distinguish yourself as a trailer driver, international driver, box truck driver, or night driver. And it doesn't stop there. You can also work as a co-driver, transport planner, logistics employee, or terminal tractor driver, and we haven't even mentioned all the positions yet. Different positions come with different salary scales. For international truck drivers, you have salary scales D, and E, each with various steps. Your salary can vary based on your work experience.

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