How to get through the summer with your truck

Indeed updates 2023 7

The summer is here, the days get longer and it's time to put the air conditioning on! So, time to make your truck summer-ready!

Time to check the air conditioning

In the summer, temperatures can go up really high, which can cause problems if you haven't checked your truck beforehand. Many truck drivers prefer driving in cool air over extreme heat because it quickly becomes tiring and can be dangerous. So, it's high time to check, refill, or repair your air conditioning!

Besides driving with the AC on, it's also nice to have it running during breaks. But be careful! Many air conditioners only work when your truck's engine is running, which consumes more fuel, requires more frequent refueling, and drains your battery faster. Not very usefull. Here's a handy tip: in addition to your standard AC, there are stationary air conditioners. These can run without the engine on and will automatically shut off when the battery is almost empty. Convenient, right?

Regardless of your truck's age, we also recommend cleaning your radiator and checking the belts and fans. It's great if these work well too!


Ensure your tires are at the right pressure

Hot weather not only causes problems for the driver but also for your tires. Did you know that tire pressure is higher in the summer? Indeed! Air is like a gas and expands at higher temperatures. For every 10 degrees Celsius increase, tire pressure rises by 0.1 bar.

When is the best time to check tire pressure? It’s wise to check your tire pressure when it’s not extremely hot outside or when your tires are not superheated. The best time to check is when you’ve just started your trip.


Cool box

The warm sun is wonderful, but it also calls for proper cooling: soft drinks! Nothing beats a cold can of soda or a nice bottle of water. It’s smart to bring a cool box in the truck. It keeps your drinks and even your lunch cold, making everything taste better throughout the day.


Clean your truck

During the summer, your truck gets dirty faster. There are more insects hitting your windshield or sandstorms passing by. That means it's time to clean! It looks much more professional and leaves a good impression. Regular cleaning also protects your truck from stains that can bring damage to your paint, glass, or metal.

Don’t forget to clean the inside of your truck too. We all spill food and drinks or bring in sand occasionally. Over time, the interior can start to smell. Not very refreshing. Luckily, there are refreshing sprays available to buy.

That’s how you get through the summer! Clean your truck, stay cool, turn on the air conditioning, and keep on trucking!