Salary through a temporary employment agency

salary through a temporary employment agency

Working as a temporary worker is slightly different from being a permanent staff member at a company. A flexible contract has different legal regulations compared to a permanent one. There might be many questions about a temporary employment agreement: how much does a temporary worker earn, and what are my rights? This article will provide more information about the Collective Labor Agreement (CAO) for Freight Transport, salary, and payment with a flexible contract.


CAO for Freight Transport 

As a temporary worker in the transportation sector, you receive a salary according to the CAO for Freight Transport. This agreement outlines all the arrangements made by employer and employee organizations. Additionally, the salary within this agreement depends on the pay scale. For international, you fall under pay scales D and E. Your salary may vary based on your experience.


Rights as a temporary employee

In addition to the salary according to standard CAO, a temporary worker, like permanent staff, is entitled to various allowances. These may include supplements for overtime, irregular hours, expenses, and possible compensation for travel or night shifts. Like anyone else, as a temporary worker, you accumulate pension and leave entitlements such as vacation days, short-term leave, and public holidays.


Salary payment 

The salary payment through a temporary worker agency is weekly. Many temporary employment agencies commonly use weekly payments. We have compiled these dates into a payout calendar to keep it organized for you. As a temporary employee with us, you can precisely see when your salary will be deposited. Convenient, isn't it?


How much do I earn?

When you check our vacancies, we give a salary scale. When you apply, we contact you and discuss everything about the job and if you are the right candidate for the job. We also discuss what your salary will be, based on your work experience. If you do have questions about our salary scale in general for the available jobs, then give us a call and we are open to explain it for you. Contact us here: