The best roadside restaurants in the Netherlands

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A roadside restaurant is the perfect solution to fill your stomach with a good meal! These restaurants are typically located alongside a road, often near a highway. Ready for a nice cup of coffee or a good roadside restaurant for lunch or dinner? We've got you covered! Below, you'll find the best roadside restaurants in North Holland, South Holland, and North Brabant.


Roadside restaurants A2 - North-Brabant

De Lucht - De Lucht is a service area with multiple dining options. Here, you can find Burger King, La Place, and Subway.
FoodExplore - Numerous food stands above the large shopping center. There's something for everyone here!
Café-Restaurant de Molshoof - A genuine family business since 1843 with lots of parking space!
De oude ketting - Trusted facilities for drivers!
Hajé - You'll recognize this roadside restaurant by the enormous teapot along the highway.
Treurenburg - A Brabant truckers' café with a cozy atmosphere.


Roadside restaurants A1

Wegrestaurant de Kar - Enjoy a delicious daily special for only €13.50, featuring the tastiest meatballs in the region.
De tweede steeg - Space for ninety trucks and one of the most popular roadside restaurants in the Netherlands.
Wereldrestaurant A1 - Delightful dishes from the best kitchens around the world.


Roadside restaurants A4

Resto A4 - A bridge restaurant above the A4 with more than just a quick driver's meal.
Delifrance bridge restaurant A4 - A wide range featuring French specialties.


Roadside restaurants in other provinces

Napoleon A27 - Here you can find a tasty Dutch meal at a good price!
Wegrestaurant Mendel A50 - Located in the forest with a modern interior.
Wegrestaurant De Barrière A18 - A home for drivers for many years with personal attention.
La Cantina Westpoort A5 - Above the truck wash, you'll find a cozy restaurant with affordable prices.
Restaurant Twaalfmaat A9 - This roadside restaurant is situated in a beautiful location by a lake.


Van der Valk roadside restaurants

The hotel chain Van der Valk also has several hotels located along the highway. They offer various deals with lots of parking for trucks. For example, Hotel Duiven, near Arnhem along the A12, is well-regarded for grabbing a bite on the way. Also in the province of North Brabant along the A58, you'll find Roadside Restaurant V. This spot is centrally located in the greenery of Brabant.


Goudreinet roadside restaurants

Goudreinet has traditionally been a trucker's café. They even reserve a dedicated part of the restaurant specifically for drivers. Additionally, they offer a different menu each week for truckers called the "drivers & overtime menu." Goudreinet has multiple restaurants in the Betuwe region. You can find them along the A1 (Barneveld), A12 (Veenendaal), and A15 (Vuren and Kesteren). A bit further south in Weert, there's a branch along the A2.


Our favorite restaurants!

Eetcafé Westgaag is currently our top favorite. You can find this gem right along the A20 in Maasdijk with enough parking spots. A few years ago, this café underwent a complete renovation, introducing a new menu. Weekly, they feature various promotions and specials on the menu at an affordable price. Did you know they even have a trucker's ball on the menu? This meatball is only for those with a big appetite.

If you plan to visit Eetcafé Westgaag, feel free to drop by our location in Maasdijk. We are practically neighbors with this roadside restaurant. Our branches in Waalwijk and Aalsmeer are close to the A59 and N231 highways. If you happen to be in that area, you are always welcome to join us for a cup of coffee. Find out here the locations of our branches.