Tips for your job interview


You've been invited for an interview at a company in the transportation or logistics industry where you might potentially start to work. So, we want to give you some tips to ensure you're well-prepared for your job interview!

Prepare for your interview

When you have a job interview for a position that you find exciting and fitting, naturally, you'll prepare for it. You want to stand out from the other applicants by ensuring your job interview goes as smoothly as possible. There are several tips to help you prepare well for your job interview. A good start is, of course, half the work!

Clothes you can wear to your interview

Make sure you dress correctly. There are plenty of options for this! Always wear clothing that suits the type of job you're applying for. Are you applying for a driver position? Then there's no need to wear an expensive, fancy suit. Often, a clean, simple shirt (not much text on it) with jeans is sufficient. Don't know the company's work atmosphere? Take a look at the company's website or ask around. The most important thing is that the outfit matches the job you're applying for. 

Prepare for questions and show you are interested

A job interview involves answering and asking questions. So, prepare for the questions that may be asked. Think about 'Why do you want to work here?' and 'What are your strengths and weaknesses?' For every industry, there are certain questions that can be anticipated.
In transportation, for example, a common question is 'What do you enjoy most and least about working as a driver?' or 'How familiar are you with the region you'll be driving in?' Good preparation makes the job interview easier. You'll look more confident as well. 

In addition to preparing answers, think about the questions you want to ask. Your potential employer will appreciate it if you also ask questions about the company, or even about their role within the company. This shows that you're interested and motivated. The employer is likely enthusiastic about their job and will be happy to talk about it. Plus, it shows that you've prepared well for the interview and have genuinely looked into the company.

The interview

The day has finally come! You will have a conversation with your potential employer. With only a good preparation, you won't come far. In the interview, there will be other important points come across. We give you the tips. 

Be on time

You'd think it's an obvious tip, but sometimes things don't work out. Please check beforehand how long the journey to the company is and leave home at least fifteen minutes earlier. It's a no-no to be late for your job interview, unless it is something you can't avoid. 
If you know in advance that you'll be late (due to traffic, for instance), call the company and let them know. This way, the company is informed and can take it into account. But, always try to arrive early instead of late. Being late puts you in a bad position right away. The company might think you'll be late every day. 

Pay attention to your body language

Pay attention! Your body language is very important. Sit straight, by doing this, you will seem interested. 

The end of the interview

And boom, it is finished. You shake hands and head home. It is now time to wait for a response. 

We hope that these tips will help you stand out in your job interviews. Keep an eye out on our blog page. We sometimes provide additional tips about the industry, such as tips about interviews like this one, jobs, or anything related to the transport sector.